Family business est over 40 years


I approached Mark as I’d taken several lessons in the past, but never reached test standard and always been a nervous learner. I wanted to get it over and done with once and for all, with a patient and friendly instructor. I was apprehensive before my first lesson, but Mark put me at ease almost straight away. We discussed what I’d done before, why I was nervous and what the best approach would be. One thing I asked Mark to do was push me beyond my comfort zone as I was too scared to push myself. Mark and I got on well from the start. As well as being easygoing and understanding whenever I made a mistake, he was incredibly professional. If I had a question or was doing something wrong, he’d explain it fully in a way that I’d understand. He never lost his temper or became frustrated with me and always reassured me and praised me when I did well, which really helped my confidence. Mark did push me as I’d asked him to do – but I never felt like it was a challenge I couldn’t handle. He’d always talk me through it beforehand and assured me I had the necessary skills and he never put me a position that was beyond my capabilities. Meeting these new challenges gave me more confidence in my abilities and really built up my skills. I feel as though if it wasn’t for Mark, I wouldn’t have got through it. I passed my test first time with three minors and was over the moon! I’d recommend him to anyone, especially if you’re nervous as he’ll really put you at ease. In face he’s successfully teaching a good friend of mine at the moment.

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