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mark Southall

nikki hackett

I started driving with Mark as i’d had several instructors and never seemed to make any progress, and my previous instructor to Mark was loud  my problem was i couldnt control a car :) and got shouted at a lot which made me nervous, Mark is calm under pressure even if i nearly smashed his car (which i nearly did several times) remained calm ! i was nervous with pedestrians crossing the roads, hated roundabouts

Chris Brooks

I am very glad that I had Mark as my instructor and would definitely recommend him to anyone (in fact I have many times). He was very patient with me in my moments of muppetry and gave me some very good advice that has stayed with me ever since.
I found the booklets and paperwork relating to manoeuvres hugely beneficial, often much more clear and easy to understand than other help available in books and on the internet.
I also did my Pass Plus with Mark with very little trouble despite early apprehension about motorway driving. I’ve been passed for well over a year now and have since covered hundreds of motorway miles problem free
Thanks Mark, good luck teaching my brother…

Robert Marsh

i would recommend mark to anyone he’s a very patient, friendly and always instructive. he helped me pass first time. He guides you though every manoeuvre and technique. and only progresses as fast as you can go. Thanks for helping me though my test

Ryan bayliss

I would recommend mark to any learner driver, he is extremely patient with great instructions and the knowledge of learning to drive! He helped me pass my test first time after only a few months of lessons and made sure i was always confident myself on all aspects of learning to drive which made me feel as comfortable as possible. i don’t believe i would of been able to pass without him, once again thanks mark!!

Matt Rogers

I had had a number of instructors before Mark and had learned with a few of the “bigger” driving schools, but had found I wasn’t making decent progress and definitely felt I was being overcharged! I have found Mark to be extremely patient and is excellent at explaining why things are going wrong and how to put them right. He has also provided many learning aids, including leaflets and DVD’s to assist in learning. I will definitely be recommending Mark to anyone I know who is learning to drive.