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Would recommend mark to any new drivers as he is a very good instructor, he is very patient and clear with all the instructions, he made me feel very comfortable and confident. He has got a brilliant range of different material to help you learn such as diffrent dvds. as i passed first time with mark in a few months i would recommend him to any one who is learning to drive.

Ollie Davies
After passing my driving test this morning, 1st time with just two minors i can safely say it was all down to Mark. Top, top bloke, genuinely, not to mention how patient and wise he is when it comes to teaching you how to drive. I know some of my friends dreaded some of their lessons, i didn’t. I looked forward to them every week, knowing Mark would sort any problems i had and teach me new things that i would never of thought of. Honestly, if you want to learn to drive, Mark is THE man to call, i can assure you, you’ll have a great time learning with him!

I am definitely happy that I chose M.Southall Driving School. Mark is a pleasant person who has been of great help throughout my driving lessons. His instructions are clear, simple and straightforward. He never makes things complicated for the student as he has an excellent skill of observation that enables him to focus on the student’s points of weakness in driving. I’d recommend Mark to any student wishing to learn as well as enjoying driving.

Although I only had about 12 hours worth of lessons (due to my dad teaching me the basics for a few months before) I found learning and preparing for my test with Mark invaluable. He was always prompt, never cut the lesson short and patient. I found his folder used to explain situations / the maneuvers very helpful and it was obvious he was experienced at teaching – would definitely recommend to friends.

I have found the service offered excellent and would recommend Mark without hesitation. I found my Mark fantastic. He was always on time, courteous and easy going and I felt very relaxed when I was driving with him. I found the mock test sheets that I was given for the theory and practical side of the tests to be very useful and also the mock practical tests that I did nearer the time to my test also beneficial. I would like to thank Mark for making my driving experience pleasurable and the fantastic service offered by M.Southall driving school.

Jessica porter
“Thanks, you were great! I felt well prepared for both the theory and practical tests and was confident about going out on my own for the first time. I would definitely recommend M.Southall Driving School.”
I approached Mark as I’d taken several lessons in the past, but never reached test standard and always been a nervous learner. I wanted to get it over and done with once and for all, with a patient and friendly instructor. I was apprehensive before my first lesson, but Mark put me at ease almost straight away. We discussed what I’d done before, why I was nervous and what the best approach would be. One thing I asked Mark to do was push me beyond my comfort zone as I was too scared to push myself. Mark and I got on well from the start. As well as being easygoing and understanding whenever I made a mistake, he was incredibly professional. If I had a question or was doing something wrong, he’d explain it fully in a way that I’d understand. He never lost his temper or became frustrated with me and always reassured me and praised me when I did well, which really helped my confidence. Mark did push me as I’d asked him to do – but I never felt like it was a challenge I couldn’t handle. He’d always talk me through it beforehand and assured me I had the necessary skills and he never put me a position that was beyond my capabilities. Meeting these new challenges gave me more confidence in my abilities and really built up my skills. I feel as though if it wasn’t for Mark, I wouldn’t have got through it. I passed my test first time with three minors and was over the moon! I’d recommend him to anyone, especially if you’re nervous as he’ll really put you at ease. In face he’s successfully teaching a good friend of mine at the moment.

I’ve recently passed my test and was really impressed with the way Mark taught me and believed in me. I’d had a break from driving for a year and found M.Southall driving school on the internet when I was looking to get back into driving. I found the whole process constructive and the teaching exceptional. Mark was really nice and we had quite a laugh on our lessons chatting about useless drivers and other people we knew and I would recommend him to anyone learning. Thanks a lot Mark for giving me the confidence to pass my test. Good luck in the future.

As a teacher myself, I’m often quite critical of people who teach me, but I was delighted with Mark’s tuition. Lessons were thoroughly enjoyable, with a perfect blend of humour and learning. I felt well prepared for my test. I would definitely recommend Mark to others. Thank you very much!

Stacey Hillman
I would highly recommend Mark for anyone who wants to learn how to drive. He provides a lot of different materials such as DVD’s, handouts and websites which helped a lot. He breaks things down so they are simple to understand, is very patient and has always got time for you if you don’t understand something.  With all of his help, I passed first time.  I would like to say a big thank you and I will be passing your name on to anyone who is looking for lessons.facebook group-mark southall driving school dudley packed with loads of videos.

Matt Rogers
I had had a number of instructors before Mark and had learned with a few of the “bigger” driving schools, but had found I wasnt making decent progress and definately felt I was being overcharged! I have found Mark to be extremely patient and is excellent at expalining why things are going wrong and how to put them right. He has also provided many learning aids, including leaflets and DVD’s to assist in learning. I will definately be recommending Mark to anyone I know who is learning to drive.

ryan bayliss
I would reccomend mark to any learner driver, he is extremely patient with great instructions and the knowledge of learning to drive! He helped me pass my test first time after only a few months of lessons and made sure i was always confident myself on all aspects of learning to drive which made me feel as comfortable as possible. i dont believe i would of been able to pass without him, once again thanks mark!!

Robert Marsh
i would recommend mark to anyone he’s a very patient, friendly and always instructive. he helped me pass first time. He guides you though every manouver and technique. and only progresses as fast as you can go. Thanks for helping me though my test

Chris Brooks
I am very glad that I had Mark as my instructor and would definately recommend him to anyone (in fact I have many times). He was very patient with me in my moments of muppetry and gave me some very good advice that has stayed with me ever since.
I found the booklets and paperwork relating to manoeuvres hugely beneficial, often much more clear and easy to understand than other help available in books and on the internet.
I also did my Pass Plus with Mark with very little trouble despite early apprehension about motorway driving. I’ve been passed for well over a year now and have since covered hundreds of motorway miles problem free
Thanks Mark, good luck teaching my brother…

nikki hackett
I started driving with Mark as i’d had several instructors and never seemed to make any progress, and my previous instructor to Mark was loud , my problem was i couldnt control a car :) and got shouted at a lot which made me nervous, Mark is calm under pressure even if i nearly smashed his car (which i nearly did several times) remained calm ! i was nervous with pedestrians crossing the roads, hated roundabouts and always mounted gutters, Mark helped me drive with an understanding of what i was doing and why, gave me lots of literature to help me pass my theory ,,, which i passed with only one question wrong ,,, even booked my theory and practical test for me, i passed within the year, and did my Pass Plus with Mark which helped lower insurance quotes and got me confident to drive on the motorway aswell as rural areas, much needed now in my work which enables me to travel up and down the UK, the roads of Britain are safe with this guys help,, i have never had an accident happys days !!!! xxxx

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